Explore the Advantages of Two-Way Radios

Talk the Rockies is proud to offer the many benefits of two-way radios.

Explore the many benefits and advantages of two-way radios below. Or, call us today to learn more.

Larger Coverage

Our Wide Area Network (WAN) enables our customers to have unrestricted instant and private access to all of their personnel across the entire Front Range of Colorado.

Higher Level of Safety

Two way radios enable commercial equipment operators to comply with Department of Transportation regulations requiring them to keep both hands on the wheel when operating a commercial vehicle.

Instant Access to All Personnel

Our WAN, Wide Area network provides instant communication with all of your personnel within the Denver Metropolitan Area.

More Advantages of Two-Way Radios

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    Cost of Ownership

    Two-way radios are designed to last 7 years in rugged environments offering a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Also, radios can be shared among workers.

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    Highly Reliable

    The annual failure rates of two-way radios are less than 4-8% when compared to the 18-20% failure rate of consumer mobile devices.

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    Improved real-time decision making

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    Provides Social Distancing for increased employee safety

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    Service During Emergencies

    Cell service towers and landlines may fail during an emergency or disaster. However, two-way radios will continue to work during those situations. Additionally, all workers can be contacted at once, as opposed to dialing individual phone numbers.

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    Communication Clarity

    Two-way radio voice quality is enhanced by software algorithms and background noise suppression which ensures clear communications.

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    Ease of Use

    Another advantage of two-way radios is that they feature a one-touch push-to-talk communications button.

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How it Works

Evaluate Your Communication Needs

  • 01. Understand Your Current Communication Platform

    Think about your needs. Is your current communication system optimized for your business? Is your business being held back due to a faulty system? Are there any black spots in  your coverage area? We can help evaluate your current system and identify the areas that need improvement.

  • 02. Decide Your Goals & the Best Devices to Achieve Them

    Your unique needs require individualized solutions. Are compact, lightweight devices ideal for you? Do you need extra-durable vehicle-mounted devices suited for industrial use? We offer high quality devices, professional installations and custom-built solutions that are designed with your business in mind.

  • 03. Optimize Your Business Communication with Data Apps

    Increase productivity, efficiency and safety through the use of the latest powerful voice and data applications. Available options include dispatch consoles, voice recording software, GPS locators and more. Our professional radio solutions are able to adapt and integrate with the job at hand.

Our Services

Two-Way Radio Repair, Installation & Sales

Two-way radios are designed to last seven years in adverse working environments. These radios truly meet users operating needs while saving money. Unlike cell phones that become obsolete after one year, two-way radios last through the toughest weather conditions and rugged environments, making two-way radios the premier choice of communication.

Talk the Rockies offers a wide range of services for two-way radio communications. Whether you come to us for repairs, or we come to you for installations, we can do it all.